ESEA Playoffs und ESL Playoffs

Hello dear community,

We haven’t told you anything about our CS: GO team for a long time.

A lot has happened to the team in the last few weeks! Don’t worry, no line up changes.

The team finished the ESEA season 22 in 361th place out of 261 teams and qualified for the playoffs. Yesterday evening the first round took place which our boys in Bo3 won over the full length in an exciting game miakhalifa were able to and move into the group of the best 64!

The ESL was just as successful. With only one avoidable click here If we lose, we end up in second place in our group and are therefore qualified for the ESL playoffs. In the first round there was a free and we are in the round of the best 256 !

We keep our fingers crossed for them to qualify for the Major League and we hope for a good placement in the ESEA!

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